House of the Dragon since its beginning has been taking small time jumps and with the sixth episode

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This week on “House of the Dragon,” we were reminded that a lot can happen in 10 years.

the former rogue prince, settled down and even managed to have a couple of kids of his own with Laena. 

This week also saw the emergence of other prominent players, most notably Harwin (also briefly) and Larys. Heinous Act of the Week honors go to Larys,

things seem to be heading that way, at least — even as it revealed to Alicent the quality of the company she’s keeping these days.

Could part of Larys’s plan be to create suspicion that the princess or her supporters had him killed to keep him quiet? With Rhaenyra and friends on their way to Dragonstone, she won’t be around to defend herself.

Laenor, the former sensitive young warrior, is now a dissipated playboy looking to get unsettled any way he can.