Ek Thi Begum Season 2 Cast, Rating, Review, Release Date & More

Mx Player Web series Ek Thi begum season 2

Ek Thi Begum Is an Mx player Original Web series Schedule to be released on 30 September 2021 Streaming Free on Mx player. in this web series Anuja Sathe, Chinmay Deepak Mandlekar, Vijay Nikam, Resham Shrivardhankar, Rajendra Shisatkar, Nazar Khan, Ajay Gehi, Ankit Mohan, Hitesh Bhojraj, Sauraseni Maitra, Lokesh Gupte, Shahab Ali, Mir Sarwar, Purnanada Wandekar, and Rohan Gujar Play the lead role. Inspired By true events.

Here you can check out the complete details of Mx Player Upcoming Web series Ek Thi Begum Season 2 Cast, rating, Review, Release Date, Songs, Story, and more other details Related to Ek Thi Begum Mx Player Web series.

ek thi begum season 2

Ek Thi Begum Season 2 web series star Cast

In the below table complete details of Mx player new web series Ek Thi Begum Season 2 Cast, scheduled to be released on 30 September 2021 Only on Mx Player Orginal.

Star Cast  Role 
Anuja Sathe As  Leela Paswan
Chinmay Deepak Mandlekar Vikram Bhosale 
Vijay Nikam Bhau Chavan
Resham Shrivardhankar Anjali Dixit
Shrivardhankar Nana Mhatre
Rajendra Shisatkar Update soon
Ajay Gehi, Maksood
Ankit Mohan Zaheer Bhaktar
Hitesh Bhojraj Update soon
Sauraseni Maitra Update soon
Lokesh Gupte Update soon
Shahab Ali Update soon
Nazar Khan Update soon
Mir Sarwar Update soon
Purnanada Wandekar Update soon
Rohan Gujar Update soon

Mx Player Web Series Ek the begum season 2 Review

This season, Ashraf takes on the pseudonym Leela Paswan in order to overthrow Maqsood’s unlawful business and avenge her spouse Zaheer’s murder. She confidently rules a man’s world and has everyone in authority – the underworld, cops, and politicians – on the hunt for her.

Will Ashraf be able to complete her revenge at the height of violence and brutality? Prepare to follow her on her adventure to find out.

Ek Thi Begum Season 2 Review In Hindi

Ek thi begum season 2 review in hindi: इस सीज़न में, अशरफ़ मकसूद के गैरकानूनी व्यवसाय को उखाड़ फेंकने और अपनी पत्नी ज़हीर की हत्या का बदला लेने के लिए छद्म नाम लीला पासवान से भिड़ती है। वह आत्मविश्वास से एक आदमी की दुनिया पर राज करती है और हर किसी के पास अधिकार है – अंडरवर्ल्ड, पुलिस और राजनेता – उसकी तलाश में।

Ek Thi begum season 2 Web Series Release Date

According to the Mx Player original official announcement Upcoming web series Ek Thi Begum, 2 will be released on 30 September 2021 Streaming free On Mx player. 

Ek the begum season 2 web series Story

Ek Thi Begum is based on the true story of Ashraf Bhatkar, a beautiful and stunning woman born into a poor family in Aurangabad and reared in Bombay. She married Zaheer, who was formerly Maqsood’s confidante but is now his arch-rival. Maqsood is the most powerful mafia and underworld figure in India, running his massive narcotics cartel from Dubai.

Ek Thi Begum Season 2 Mx Player Details

Ek Thi Begum Cast, Release Date & More
Release Date 30 September 2021
Web Series Name Ek Thi Begum Season 2
Main Cast/ Actors Anuja Sathe,Ankit Mohan,Vijay Nikam,Chinmay Mandlekar
Director  Sachin Darekar,Vishal Modhave
Language Hindi, Tamil, Telugu
OTT Platform/App Mx Player
Origin Country India
Subtitles English
Genere Crime, Action, Thriller
Ek Thi Begum Season 2 rating 8.9 Out of 10
Total Number of Episode Update Soon
Songs Update Soon
Co- Powered By  Raj Shree

Ek Thi Begum Season 2 Trailer


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Ek Thi Begum budget

The sources on the internet Ek Thi Begum Web series budget around 40 to 50 lakhs Indian rupees.

Final thoughts

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